About Karen

Karen hails from the United Kingdom originally, but has made her home in the United States for the past thirty years having spent that time with her Veteran Air Force husband, Kevin, in Massachusetts. Her passion has always been, and will always be, writing. She possesses a writer’s bond with language and loves to see how words can illustrate our minds.

Karen has enjoyed the past twelve years as a teacher of English. She has taught at both the middle and high school levels. She holds a Professional Teaching License in English for grades 8-12 and 5-8. Karen has also served as a reporter for two local newspapers, contributed to a National School Safety Magazine, submitted regular articles to an online Writer’s Resource Journal, written both large and small grants for organizations. Prior to her teaching career Karen held a variety of positions within both non-profit and for-profit sectors fully grasping the nuances of the business world, the charitable services arena, and the educational field.

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Very few of us can dedicate a great deal of time to writing—whatever that writing might be—and still others lack the confidence for creating that tantalizing cocktail of language that brings prose alive.

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Suddenly you find yourself in the midst of preparations for college. There are a million and one things to do. You know you have to write an essay that zings, you know you have to work to get a high score on those standardized examinations—PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP English—but you just do not feel up to par, or you would feel more prepared and comfortable if you had just a little extra help. This is where Write-Ed Solutions can help. We can provide full-service tutoring in all the major standardized tests for the English parts of the tests, we can help you put together a college application that makes you shine, and we can help with any of your English studying, comprehension, or essay-writing needs. Utilizing each and every resource available to you, let Write-Ed Solutions be your ‘Education Solution’ to give you that edge on your future!


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